Partner6 – James Muchiri

Dr. James Muchiri

December 2021

In Kenya, we worked with Dr. James Muchiri, a Kenyan who we have worked with on a number of projects in the past. Dr. Muchiri, who selected Queenstar Children’s home in the village of Likii in Laikipia county, an area near popular animal and wildlife conservation areas, or at least popular before Covid hit. This was kind of interesting, because initially Dr. Muchiri thought that skin treatments for common skin problems would be the most impactful use of our donation. However, in a needs assessment visit he discovered that ‘out of 42 kids, 8 had tinea captitis, 1 had asthma, 4 malnourished, while the rest are fine. The need for food supercedes that of treating skin infections.’ So we changed our plan a bit and sent 2 90kg bags of beans, a 90kg bag of maize, 60kg of rice, 12 doses of griseofulvin, 12 doses calamine lotion, 2 boxes plumpy nut, 20kgs sugar, 5kgs detergent, and a goat. We first worked with Dr. Muchiri years ago on a medical research project. He now runs a small hospital in a very rural area, near popular wildlife conservation areas. In different parts of the world, our friend face different challenges. Shortly after he made the efforts below, Dr. Muchiri had a car accident – he hit an elephant. 

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