Partner3 – Titian Foundation

Titian Foundation

Yayasan Titian Bali was founded on January 29th 2016 and inaugurated by representatives¬† of the Ministry of Tourism and Small and Medium Enterprises and BEKRAF. Our Mission is to discover, nurture, and develop Balinese artistic talents in visual arts. We are an artist incubator. Bali is a starting point, expanding to include the Nusantara region and the world. Our Vision is to build a Bali Center for the Arts and Creative Economy (ACE) by 2026. Bali ACE is a sire where art and design collide with ‘artpreneurship’.

December 2021

We worked with the Titian Foundation to provide art supplies to young artists. In the fall we worked with Titian to help provide support to artists and their families. In the coming months we hope to work with Titian on a program to encourage young artists and their imagination.

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