Partner1 – Ketut Adhi Apriana

Ketut Adhi Apriana

Adhi is one of our most energetic and enthusiastic partners, though new to charitable work.  We have worked with him on app development, a role we hope expands in the future. 

He works with us to help the most needy in Bali, with a particular focus, in honor of Virginia Groom, on the elderly. He has an informal crew of a few friends that help him on these missions.


JULY 3rd - 4th 2022

We continuously working in Bali, and will have special celebrations on July 3 – 4 to commemorate John Groom mother’s death. On July 3 we’ll be aiding about 250 people at an orphanage, a village, and the port, all environments we know well and have operated in before.  In many cases we provide food; in other cases, medical care, clothing, and other necessities.

July 3rd 2022 Special Charity Event
Karangasem Village

July 4th 2022 Special Charity Event
Port Sewage

July 4th 2022 Special Charity Event
The Orphanage

April 11, 2022

On our monthly visit to the village we distributed canes, and rice, and met with the local medical facility about improving care for the older residents. We also decided to donate a travel wheelchair that could be used by multiple people in the village.

March 2022

On March 19, VGF cosponsored with Titian Gallery in Bali an art exhibition “True Love”. Good attendance and supported a number of very young promising artists:

March 2022

On March 12, 2022 Adhi and his crew returned to Asak Village in Karangasem Regency, where we have previously visited. This time, in addition to the distribution of rice, we also asked the elderly to try several different types of canes so we can develop a cane that meets their needs, and brought two doctors and two nurses along for medical checkups and medical supply distribution.

December 2021

August 2021